Mr. DeFilippi is easily recognized by reporters who have covered labor events and issues over the past two decades.During the 1980's Frank was a key player in the International Association of Machinists at Eastern Airlines.Holding a variety of elected positions through Executive Board Member of I.A.M. District 100 consisting of Domestic and International Airlines.In 1989 Frank was appointed as the Eastern Airlines Strike coordinator in the historic Frank Lorenzo hostile takeover of the employee owned airline. Throughout the 1990's he was area director for a New York based district council. In that role, he negotiated collective bargaining agreements with Hilton Hotels,Aramark,Marriott,United Federation of Teachers, CPC International and other corporations.He has served as a union spokesperson on television and to major newspapers during the many organizing campaigns he assembled.He has been quoted in the New York Times,The Wall Street Journal, New York Newsday the Village Voice,Amsterdam News and other nationally known publications.

As an organizer led an aggressive organizing campaign for the Iron Workers Union with the Fonar Corporation manufacturers of the stand up MRI unit. Other campaigns he supervised are Ellis Island National Monument,New York University,(Aramark) Stony Brook University (Chartwells) United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund Employees,Rockmills Industries,Phoenix Energy Management,Laidlaw Transit and has been a team member in scores of other organizing campaigns,along with providing organizing assistance to the UE,and Laborers International Union.Recent was staff for the New York Nurses Association assigned to the Long Island region.

Futhermore he as served as an advocate in hundreds of worker grievances and arbitrations under both the Railway Labor Act and NLRB rules and  been a staff Labor Representative for Ironworkers Local 455 and the American Federation of Musicians Local 802


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